The time has come, my little chickadees, to start a brand new blog yet again. I know I have done this many times, but I think this really will be the one and only last time ;). haha, you know that will never be the case.

I will explain a little bit about myself. I am a 5th year senior at the University of Minnesota studying Dance and GLBT studies. I want to go to grad school to study Queer Theory and dance and become a scholar/professor. I want to make a difference and give queer readings to those things which are not known. I want to re-write the queer history of modern dance from a male perspective. I’m completely ambitious.

I love Judith Butler and everything she stands for. I’ve become quite the feminist in my studies, which I never would have thought possible. I am a gender/sex/sexuality theorist most specifically. I am also interested in the performativity of the homosexual on and off stage. It’s so interesting who we are and what part we play. The role of the gay male throughout history is most intriguing. I plan to graduate from college Fall 08, and I would love to dance in the area.

I also love fashion, music, musical theater, all that is drama-filled, and everything fun and ridiculous. I’m a big nerd, and I’m pretty sure Harry Potter is my christ. I’m mostly athiest, and my blogs may tend to go that way, but I promise I’ll not shy away from any religious friends. I definitely have my share.

I hope this blog can be a good place for me to vent, try things out, and really dig deeper. I’m going to put one of my queer theory blogs that I originally posted on myspace on here for a taste of my writing. It’s way wordy, but I think most of it makes sense.