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I’m more impressed that I actually spelled that word correctly on the first try than the rest of this blog. This weekend has come to a less-than spectacular close. It’s eleven-eleven, and I’ve been noticing this time more and more. It seems I’m always looking at the clock when it’s this time. Perhaps this just means I look too much at at time. My world is extremely reliant on time. I am scheduled for most of my day, if not by other people, then in my own mind. What would happen if I just tried to stop scheduling myself and just go places when I feel it’s time. Would I sleep better? Would I be happier? Would I ever be at the right place at the right time? I think all the answers would be no…haha, at least at first. I would be too paranoid about time to let myself not think about it. Perhaps after a few weeks I could get used to it. Will I ever write anything interesting?

New paragraph. I’m working on my senior paper. I’d like to go to grad school somewhere. I have a few options and I’m trying to figure them out as I type this.

Option A:
U of Minnesota
American Studies PhD
Dance Studies Certificate
GLBT Grad Minor

World Arts and Cultures: Culture and Performance PhD

UC Riverside
Dance History and Theory PhD

PhD in Performance Sudies

I will be making Pros and Cons lists of all these. I won’t be applying until next year, when I’ll have time and when I can take the GRE and prepare adequately for it. The perks to the U of M is that I’d get to work with Ananya, but each other place has other amazing faculty who I could also work with. It’s just so much to think about at this time. What think you?

I want opinions…I also want to be able to dance, and U of M and NYU have the best options for finding a company to dance in while I’m in school. So many choices. California would be right next to my friend Kally, who I have not seen in quite some time.

Feedback please!

So one of my jobs is a fashion expert at Express at Rosedale Mall in Roseville, MN. I hope this means you will not come try to find me and kill me at my mall or something. I doubt that it will happen, because anyone who reads this probably knows who I am. As I’m working today I start to realize my power as an obviously homosexual male. I’m wearing women’s jeans, size 27…roughly size 4…a tight red long-sleeved T from American Apparel, and a cute Argyle vest from H&M.; My shoes are a very smart black Steve Madden dress shoe. My title, fashion expert, implies that I have some sense of fashion to myself…I tend to think this is true, but when I look back just 4 years ago at pictures of myself I could question such a notion.

I used to think that Express was the height of male denim(and at that time, they made Denim Lab jeans, which, let’s face it, were pretty hot.) I thought American Eagle was the height of fashion, and Abercrombie was too expensive for me. Since then, I have become familiar with the clothing store H&M;, which for the first time, carried sizes that fit me appropriately. There were actually sizes too small for me. American Apparel was the same way for me. I no longer wear men’s Express jeans, and I wear the women’s, because my idea of how a jean should fit has changed. I feel a tighter, more designer look suits me better. Does this make me conceited? I don’t know. I know it has opened the world of Diesel, Rock & Republic, True Religion, 7s, and Replays into my spectrum. I have since tried on a pair of Rock & Republic denim that is designed specifically for men which fit me the way I would like a jean to fit. The problem is they cost more than I would like to pay for a jean. Maybe I could get them at Nordstrom rack, but I don’t want to wait that long. I am planning a Jean’s fund where I put $25 in my savings account each paycheck until i have the 220 that they cost.

The reason I bring all this up is the fact that style is constantly changing. What is in, what is out, really doesn’t matter much. I tis what looks best for you…what compliments you. I feel a person must wear things which compliment their figures, their personalities, and their age. I would rather look at someone who looks comfortable in a pair of sweats than a person who looks uncomfortable in a pair of skinny jeans. Just make it work! Love what you wear! Everyone can find a style! Long live H&M;!!!!