I must first apologize for my brief hiatus from the blogging community. I was incredibly busy with my crazy schedule for the University Dance Theatre’s production Dance Revolutions. My focus of this blog today is the youth’s obsession with being “trashy”. I have spoken many times with my friends about what defines trashy. I suppose in order to define such a concept, we must decide what its opposite would be. I, for this purpose, would say “classy” is the opposite of “trashy”.

Where I see a large growth of the “trashy” type is in the gay community, specifically because I belong to it, am surrounded by it, and attempt to critically analyze it as much as possible. Where does the line fall between the two? I do not pretend to say that I have not acted trashily; I have, myself, danced on the blocks at the saloon, made out with a stranger, etc. I do feel, however, that the attitude we each, as individuals, feel toward the trashy attitude is becoming lax. I once thought that gay men were the epitome of class. Wearing expensive clothes, shopping at good stores, eating good food, drinking good wine…but this was all for show, and perhaps the trashy side was hidden.

It is not more than acceptable to portray the trashy side to the public. Myspace nudey photos, hypertannedsuperthin bodies fill clubs, myspace and facebook profile pics. What troubles me is that it all seems a game. Whoever can attain the trashiest, fakest, bitchiest, sluttiest, easiest image wins some sort of game, for which the winner obtains a certain reputation. Again, I do not pretend to think that I do not have a reputation, but I know that it is not always warranted. Bitchy, jealous queens spread rumors, which, I suppose, should be a compliment. I do not know how to react, though.

It’s scary how fast the gay male is becoming what the “stupid girl” of the high school experience was. Look pretty and act dumb. Look young and stay thin. Where did this all come from? Why does it really matter? I’m tired, annoyed, and over all you overtanned menaces in the clubs. Really, I am. It looks as fake as your cropped, retouched, posed facebook/myspace pic.