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Tonight is the big Sex and the City movie preview. I’m not sure if I could be any more excited. I’ll be wearing some shiny silver skinny pants and a black mini t with the sex and the city logo on it. I will look absolutely ridiculous, and I should probably be wearing a big belt as well. I’m refusing to read any reviews until after I see the movie. I want no spoilers… I really would like to be genuinely surprised by the end of the movie. Will she end up marrying Big? I’m not really sure if that would be the perfect ending. Phillip has come up with the idea that perhaps they don’t get married, but stay together. The end of the book has the two breaking up with Big marrying someone else. The book, though, is quite different and really only covers about 1 season of the 6 something season television series which has increasingly complicated their relationship. I’m just set and waiting. The fashion is going to be amazing, the men are going to be undoubtably gorgeous, chris noth is a dream man, just like all of Carrie’s men.

In other news, I went tanning yesterday at Lifetime. Basically, I’m sort of like a tomato right now; I look really ridiculous, and it was really hard to sleep last night. I don’t think I got more than 4 hours. I do love Lifetime, though. I recently upgraded to a Gold membership so I can access more exclusive clubs…ooooooooh. haha. The gym that’s closest to my apartment is a gold gym and it’s in the Target Center in downtown Minneapolis. It’s huge, full of everything anyone would ever need to work out, and best of all, it’s never completely crowded like at the rec center at the University of Minnesota.

I think the last thing I’ll talk about today is the end of my mini-vacation. I start my 8-4:30ish job on Monday with a week of orientation and UHP training. I learn almost everything there is to know about the University and advising policies and practices along with all the colleges, activities, scholarships, services, etc. Since I’m a returning peer, I get to help out with the training. I’ll be doing the sample role play, which I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do because we’re changing the way we advise now. So, I’ll be an experienced improviser more like.

Ok, I have to get showered and ready for the day…my last half day for a while.


I can’t quite figure out why I’m awake at 7:19 on a Wednesday morning when I don’t have to work. I have this stupid little theory about myself that when I have something to wake up for I cannot get out of bed, but the instant I have time to sleep in, I wake up early and can’t fall back asleep. I’m still pretty tired, but lying in bed trying to fall asleep doesn’t seem very appealing. The Today show will have to keep me company while I thrust out my slowly developing thoughts.

I know I write about this all the time, but I’m really getting tired of how heterosexist this stupid country, and really most of the world is. In the last week of school at the U, a bone marrow donor clinic which came testing for possible donors parked itself outside the dance building. I was asked several times to sign up before I decided to go up and ask a few questions. I asked what kind of questions were asked of donors, and they said they only ask about medications being taken. When I said I’d think about it, they handed me a brochure with more information. On this brochure, on the very front page, was a section devoted to those at risk for HIV/AIDS. This question, apparently is asked. Maybe the numbers have changed in the questioning. Have you had homosexual sex in the last 4 years? (males only). There was the question. Yet, I found several of my friends, who I knew to be gay taking the test…some claiming virginity as the reason, but why subscribe to something so blatantly homophobic? The numbers have been changing people…HIV/AIDS is not just a gay disease. Even old people in Floriday get it. As I wrote before, the legislation surrounding blood, and apparently bone marrow, need to change to reflect the actual data. I KNOW I’m HIV negative because I get tested. Come on, let’s be less prejudice, ok?

Props to California, though. It’s not the world, but gay marriage is one step in the right (or left) direction.


So it’s almost the technical beginning of summer. My parents always said summer doesn’t start until after Memorial Day, and I’m beginning to believe that’s true for Minnesota this year. The weather has been less than satisfactory, at least when I’ve been able to venture outdoors. Granted, I’ve spent much of my time inside working at honors, express, or at the dance building. Yes, Summer 08, for me, is going to be the summer of endless work. I’ll be working about 40 hours a week as a peer advisor at University Honors Program at the U. I’ll be working near 15 hours a week at Express as a fashion expert this weekend. I’ll be doing about 5 hours a week at my internship with Ananya Dance Theatre, and I’ll be taking two summer courses through the U, Principles of Nutrition, an online course, as well as Modern Fiction, where I’ll be reading mostly high-school level books.

If there’s anything I can cut it’s Express, but in some way I really don’t want to. I love the people I work with and the discount I get on the clothes, and sometimes I even like what I’m doing. Most of the time, though I just hate heading to Rosedale in the middle of a weekend outing. Mostly, though, I’ll just need time to myself to relax, to really let my brain and body cool down a bit. I haven’t decided one hundred percent what I’m going to do, but I have to know soon. Maybe I’ll try a week of it all and see how it feels. Mostly, I think it’ll feel like hell…hopefully I will be wrong.

Lastly, I am in search of an apartment. A single-bedroomed apartment for my own in a little uptown neighborhood would be nice. I just need room for my little queen-sized bed, a my big tv, and a desk. And maybe lots of wine. If anyone has any leads on where I could live, it would be greatly appreciated. I’d really prefer to live alone, mostly because I’ve never done it before. I think it’ll be a good experience, and hopefully Jeff, Phillip, Elizabeth, Aaron, or whoever will be over most of the time so I can have some company and never get too bored or lonely. I’d consider living with my friend Jake, but he’s being a douche…just kidding.

Anyway, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson is on, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate.