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So it’s almost the technical beginning of summer. My parents always said summer doesn’t start until after Memorial Day, and I’m beginning to believe that’s true for Minnesota this year. The weather has been less than satisfactory, at least when I’ve been able to venture outdoors. Granted, I’ve spent much of my time inside working at honors, express, or at the dance building. Yes, Summer 08, for me, is going to be the summer of endless work. I’ll be working about 40 hours a week as a peer advisor at University Honors Program at the U. I’ll be working near 15 hours a week at Express as a fashion expert this weekend. I’ll be doing about 5 hours a week at my internship with Ananya Dance Theatre, and I’ll be taking two summer courses through the U, Principles of Nutrition, an online course, as well as Modern Fiction, where I’ll be reading mostly high-school level books.

If there’s anything I can cut it’s Express, but in some way I really don’t want to. I love the people I work with and the discount I get on the clothes, and sometimes I even like what I’m doing. Most of the time, though I just hate heading to Rosedale in the middle of a weekend outing. Mostly, though, I’ll just need time to myself to relax, to really let my brain and body cool down a bit. I haven’t decided one hundred percent what I’m going to do, but I have to know soon. Maybe I’ll try a week of it all and see how it feels. Mostly, I think it’ll feel like hell…hopefully I will be wrong.

Lastly, I am in search of an apartment. A single-bedroomed apartment for my own in a little uptown neighborhood would be nice. I just need room for my little queen-sized bed, a my big tv, and a desk. And maybe lots of wine. If anyone has any leads on where I could live, it would be greatly appreciated. I’d really prefer to live alone, mostly because I’ve never done it before. I think it’ll be a good experience, and hopefully Jeff, Phillip, Elizabeth, Aaron, or whoever will be over most of the time so I can have some company and never get too bored or lonely. I’d consider living with my friend Jake, but he’s being a douche…just kidding.

Anyway, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson is on, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate.