I can’t quite figure out why I’m awake at 7:19 on a Wednesday morning when I don’t have to work. I have this stupid little theory about myself that when I have something to wake up for I cannot get out of bed, but the instant I have time to sleep in, I wake up early and can’t fall back asleep. I’m still pretty tired, but lying in bed trying to fall asleep doesn’t seem very appealing. The Today show will have to keep me company while I thrust out my slowly developing thoughts.

I know I write about this all the time, but I’m really getting tired of how heterosexist this stupid country, and really most of the world is. In the last week of school at the U, a bone marrow donor clinic which came testing for possible donors parked itself outside the dance building. I was asked several times to sign up before I decided to go up and ask a few questions. I asked what kind of questions were asked of donors, and they said they only ask about medications being taken. When I said I’d think about it, they handed me a brochure with more information. On this brochure, on the very front page, was a section devoted to those at risk for HIV/AIDS. This question, apparently is asked. Maybe the numbers have changed in the questioning. Have you had homosexual sex in the last 4 years? (males only). There was the question. Yet, I found several of my friends, who I knew to be gay taking the test…some claiming virginity as the reason, but why subscribe to something so blatantly homophobic? The numbers have been changing people…HIV/AIDS is not just a gay disease. Even old people in Floriday get it. As I wrote before, the legislation surrounding blood, and apparently bone marrow, need to change to reflect the actual data. I KNOW I’m HIV negative because I get tested. Come on, let’s be less prejudice, ok?

Props to California, though. It’s not the world, but gay marriage is one step in the right (or left) direction.