I feel like I’m at a block. I can’t seem to find any words to write or any thoughts to pour over. Maybe I should take this mini mind break as a sign that I’m doing better. I’ve turned my attention elsewhere, or at least have tried. He’s back, though, which makes it harder. Tuesday only comes too soon. Luckily, I’ll be at the Barker even less than I was last year. Maybe not a luckily I’d ever thought I’d say.

My car is done for. I just want to throw it away, get a new one, drive away to California or some new place. I don’t really want to move, just get away for a while. Go to Berlin, sit on a lake, read a book, live out my dreams. I feel like I’m becoming the sort of person who sits around and lets thing happen. I need to make them happen.

This is a worthless post.