So much has changed since my last blog post. It’s far too much for me to go into, but let me just say I’ve become entangled in an outward spiraling protest surrounding a protest in the dance building. I’m not going to comment on it anymore, or post a link to it on this blog. I’m just commenting on how it’s affected me and my life in the past weeks.

I looked back at my old post. The one about time, about the order of things, about love. I sounded so hopeful, so ready. I’m just not sure where I fit in with it all. When is it ok to fall down and not get back up? I’m just tired of always wanting what I’m not allowed to have. It gets old after a while. Very old. I just don’t want to want anymore.

I’m almost done with school. I suppose I need to find a real job. I wouldn’t mind the security if I could find one. I wouldn’t mind Starbucks, actually, but I’m not sure if even they’re hiring. It’s not the best time to be thrown into the job market. I think I’ll just take a vacation and go to France, marry a dignitary, and finally achieve my status as global citizen.

The boy I’ve had a crush on all year is single. I don’t know what to do.

I seriously don’t have anything else to say right now. I need Middlebrook brunch with Jeff. It’ll be majeriff.