The show Will and Grace got pretty popular when I was in high school.  As a young, closeted gay kid without full cable or knowledge of any real online gay communities, this show was really my only outlet to gay culture.  I think I’m beginning to understand some of the effects this limited exposure had on my experience coming out, dating, and interacting in relationships.  I wouldn’t call it a bad first taste of culture, but it is rather limiting.  Will was the only real gay role model I had.  With no out gay men, or women for that matter, in my home town, Will’s “perfect” constructed identity offered a glimpse of hope to a lonely, afraid teenager.

I wish I could’ve had more role models, more public images.  Has there been a disney movie centered around a gay character?  Can two princes ever really come together?  We’re not there yet, you might tell me…whoever you are.  We can’t teach kids homosexuality is ok.  Whatever.  If so many conservatives have problems with the gay identity as it is now, perhaps a solution could be to INCREASE visiblity. Offer more positive portrayals of gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans people.  Something tells me the myspace loving, manhunt prowling homonormativity might begin to break down.  More role models, fewer archetypes, breaking down stereotypes. I, for one, can’t wait until the day I can watch my first gay animated disney movie.  Perhaps a twist on the Prince and the Pauper.  It could work.