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IMG_0067I’m spending a lot of time by the lake.  Lake Calhoun. I wrote about this before.  Probably many times.  How many thoughts can one mind think?  How many ways can one situation look?  How many paths are on the same track?  Do all of them lead to the same place?  Are there always horse paths and hiking paths and snowmobile paths and winter paths and summer paths?  What’s the appropriate metaphor?

Sometimes I feel like I’m forgetting something.

Like an adventurer does, I’ve chosen a star, Polaris. I’ll follow it until I can’t or the path no longer exists.  I plot my course and set sail.  To infinity and beyond.

I’m going to go for a walk, then I’m going to write about Up.  It’s very very good. Everyone should see it. I will be back to write shortly.

I’m back, and I still don’t know what to write.  I feel as though lately, my verbal/written skill shave been somewhat lacking. I don’t know how to write about marais, i don’t know how to write about up.  I should, though. I keep trying…no words really fit though. Maybe I shouldn’t.  Why does anyone else need to know?

Up made me cry.  I didn’t think Pixar could do better than wall-e.  I loved that movie so much.  Up might be better.

I’m so ready for my brain to just spiral into itself.  If you could see the way it worked, you would run. haha.

It’s pride weekend in Minneapolis.  There are gays everywhere.  My entire neighborhood is being taken over for a few days, getting all glittery and sparkled up.  This is my third year going to pride.  Last year was blah, the year before was a little more fun. I hope this turns out to be fun.  I’m not overly optimistic.  I just get really uncomfortable in such huge crowds.

I’m ready to be back in the North Shore. I keep having dreams about it.  About seeing the eagle, sitting around the fire, eating marshmallows, singing songs as loud as possible in the wilderness. haha.  I’ve learned of some really great places to eat on the way there since.  I wanna eat at the Scenic Cafe and Gunflint.  There’s just something about escaping that always seems so appealing.  I still have to figure out how I’m going to write about the trip. It’s hard to way to start these things, you know?

This past week has been insane.  Good and bad and inbetween.  Simple doesn’t have to be easy.  I’m often perplexed by some people’s inability to really examine their own problems.  Maybe I really am one of them, but I tend to think I have a pretty good idea.  I just want another vacation.  Another weekend of being completely lost.

This is my post for the day.

Check out this blog. It’s amazing. And if you believe in something…fight for it.

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to write about this past weekend.  I know I’ll never forget it.  I know I don’t need to necessarily document anything that happened, but I want a record.  I’m racking my brain as how to best do this.  I need to strike while the iron is hot, so they say…whoever they is…but i just don’t know how to do this.  Anyway, I’m not dead. I didn’t get eaten by any bears.  I didn’t fall into the great Lake Superior and succumb to the frigid temperatures.  I’m back in Minneapolis, tanner than I was when I left.  Ok. I’m gonna think on this.  Check back soon?

I feel semiconscious. Real in a sense of reality that is not real. I could play word games, go in circles for hours.  Maybe disconcious is a better word for it.  I’m fully awake, alive, present, yet my brain is playing, imagining, dissing any sense of conscious reality.

I’m ready to light this world on fire.  I’m reading postcolonial theory for leisure. Normative I am not, but I really am.  Life is too short to follow the rules, the laws, the boundaries (read frontiers).  I don’t want to reproduce my own frightening brand of Manifest Destiny, i want to learn, learn a new pedagogy.  My geopolitcal locationality allows me access to almost every part of the world.  What can I learn from it? I’m not an anthropologist, and collecting empircal data is nt my objective.  I want to live. Move. Breathe.


shampoo & conditioner: Biolage shampoo and conditioner
toothpaste: Crest
soap: ivory…it floats
jeans: I love so many jeans.  I like anything that fits, though.  My two favorite pairs are levis skinny jeans
tshirts: american apparel and h&m
lotion: aveda
vacation: napa valley, the wine country in california going wine tasting all around
cologne: i have so many, but my top favorite right now is D&G “the one”, but I have so many
cocktail: cosmo or dirty martini
undies: Calvins and Emporios
hair: my cousin’s sheers make me fauhawks, mohawks, and buzz cuts. Current look:  subtle mowawk
sunglasses: i love me some aviators.  my favorite pair of white aviators are broken. i’m currently on the lookout for new ones
books: vonnegut, butler, Butting Out, les trois mousquetaires
album: a fine frenzy, one cell in the sea
film: amélie, atonement, la vie en rose
Fancy: Quattro Formaggi Gnocci from Pazzaluna
Normal: Pepperoni Pizza and Mtn Dew from anywhere
vices: Quad venti non fat caramel macchiato
night out: dinner/movie/tml?
childhood ambition: famous actor in a musical, firefighter, marine biologist, but mostly paleontologist
snacks: chips, salsa, salso con queso, and popcorn
deadly sin: lust
3 dinner party guests: this would be an awesome fucking meal of minds
living- Judith Butler
dead- Michel Foucault
people i know- Ananya Chatterjea
personal bible: I don’t like religion or bibles…not a fashion magazine though…
style icons: idk
perfect date: I really don’t know.  It might involve a beach though.
dog breed: chipoodle

flowers: daisies
daily necessities: my phone, my compy, and some good coffee, plus good conversation
life’s ambition: write a book that is published and taught in schools
childhood literature: the boxcar children, JPs, Little House on the Prairie, the Chronicles of Narnia, so many more. I read so much
fave love song: “I’ll cover you” from rent
all you need is. . . dance, love, and friends…not in any particular order
pet peeve: people who try to control others

So I keep hearing this song on the radio.  While it’s a little corny, I like it.  I’m overwhelmed with people searching for product, trying to get somehwere as fast as humanly possible, thinking life is about a competition.  I’m overwhelmed with people in general.  I am so ready for a vacation.  I just want to see the stars again.  It’s been 3 years.  A week and a day.

I’m tired of hearing nothing but my fan and traffic as I fall asleep.

I wanna write right now, but I’m really tired.  I should be sleeping. i’m going to bed now.  I hope to write in this again next week.  Lots of updates, as always.  Maybe I’ll even put in a picture.

Things I Don’t Like:

  1. The smell of fresh paint and the absence of fresh paint signs.
  2. People who try to manipulate me.
  3. Being patronized.
  4. Being lied to by giant institutions.
  5. The fact that power and money corrupt.
  6. Bullshit.
  7. Hypocrisy.

Things I like:

  1. Making cakes.
  2. Reading books.
  3. Theory.
  4. Dancing.
  5. Sincere friends.
  6. The water and the beach.
  7. Discussions that last for hours.