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shampoo & conditioner: Biolage shampoo and conditioner
toothpaste: Crest
soap: ivory…it floats
jeans: I love so many jeans.  I like anything that fits, though.  My two favorite pairs are levis skinny jeans
tshirts: american apparel and h&m
lotion: aveda
vacation: napa valley, the wine country in california going wine tasting all around
cologne: i have so many, but my top favorite right now is D&G “the one”, but I have so many
cocktail: cosmo or dirty martini
undies: Calvins and Emporios
hair: my cousin’s sheers make me fauhawks, mohawks, and buzz cuts. Current look:  subtle mowawk
sunglasses: i love me some aviators.  my favorite pair of white aviators are broken. i’m currently on the lookout for new ones
books: vonnegut, butler, Butting Out, les trois mousquetaires
album: a fine frenzy, one cell in the sea
film: amélie, atonement, la vie en rose
Fancy: Quattro Formaggi Gnocci from Pazzaluna
Normal: Pepperoni Pizza and Mtn Dew from anywhere
vices: Quad venti non fat caramel macchiato
night out: dinner/movie/tml?
childhood ambition: famous actor in a musical, firefighter, marine biologist, but mostly paleontologist
snacks: chips, salsa, salso con queso, and popcorn
deadly sin: lust
3 dinner party guests: this would be an awesome fucking meal of minds
living- Judith Butler
dead- Michel Foucault
people i know- Ananya Chatterjea
personal bible: I don’t like religion or bibles…not a fashion magazine though…
style icons: idk
perfect date: I really don’t know.  It might involve a beach though.
dog breed: chipoodle

flowers: daisies
daily necessities: my phone, my compy, and some good coffee, plus good conversation
life’s ambition: write a book that is published and taught in schools
childhood literature: the boxcar children, JPs, Little House on the Prairie, the Chronicles of Narnia, so many more. I read so much
fave love song: “I’ll cover you” from rent
all you need is. . . dance, love, and friends…not in any particular order
pet peeve: people who try to control others