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I feel semiconscious. Real in a sense of reality that is not real. I could play word games, go in circles for hours.  Maybe disconcious is a better word for it.  I’m fully awake, alive, present, yet my brain is playing, imagining, dissing any sense of conscious reality.

I’m ready to light this world on fire.  I’m reading postcolonial theory for leisure. Normative I am not, but I really am.  Life is too short to follow the rules, the laws, the boundaries (read frontiers).  I don’t want to reproduce my own frightening brand of Manifest Destiny, i want to learn, learn a new pedagogy.  My geopolitcal locationality allows me access to almost every part of the world.  What can I learn from it? I’m not an anthropologist, and collecting empircal data is nt my objective.  I want to live. Move. Breathe.