I want to do magic. I want my life to be like harry potter.  I want to fix everything I’ve broken.

Do you know how it is when people smell a certain way? I think that’s how you know how much you like them. It is for me anyway.  Maybe. When their smell circles through you like an all-encompassing storm. Invading thoughts, actions, dreams.  It’s also something about the way the air feels different, maybe. Warmer, slower, less crisp.

Harry Potter was last night. I want to go again and again and again. I loved it, i really did. I feel as though the people who really love the story will love it too.  It’s not exactly the same as the book, of course.  You just have to accept that things can’t be perfect replications, or why would you change it in the first place to a movie? It was brilliant. I am so glad I saw it last night.  So so pleased.

It’s my birthday in a week. I have no idea what i’m doing for it. I might just see what happens and maybe other people will figure it out for me.  It’ll be sad when nothing happens though. haha. we’ll see.  the big 25.  here i come.

someone write me a note explaining my life.