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this video is sick good. and i’ve been listening to the song nonstop.

So I’m gonna write a little before I go to sleep. I’m tired. Rehearsals take a lot out of me.  I love it though. I feel as though I want to move here.  I know I said that before. But I’ll probably say it over and over again.

I went to D.C. this weekend for Ra’s fashion show.  It was AMAZING.  It was great to see him in his element.  And to see him period.

This is a bad blog. Haha. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go to the Macy’s Day Parade.  I will let everyone know what i’m wearing and where i will be so they can try to find me on t.v. from home.  Got a bunch of stuff for China today.

I think writing like this can be therapeutic. Anyway.  Read read read.  Everyone.

I’m going to sleep.


So I’d like to begin by apologizing for my lack of posts lately.  I’ve been quite busy on my worldwind tour.  I’m all settled in Astoria with my friend Jesi and right now we are plotting out our day.  Fall in NY is beautiful, although I miss the trees and leaves that are all over Lake Calhoun.  Still, it’s pretty here, and it’s warm, and I am having the time of my life.

There’s so much to blog about, so much to say but I haven’t quite figured out my angle yet.  I just started reading Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  I might make this blog slightly more private…maybe.

I start rehearsals on Monday!!! I’m going to be learning Traitor in addition to Missa now.  I’ll be the cover for the tour.  So exciting!  It’s great to be dancing here.  It feels right.  I feel right at home.  I’m discovering new places to find coffee, new places to eat overpriced deli sandwiches.  I do miss people though.  It’s weird to be away from the people I’ve grown to love and expect to be there for me.  Wednesday marked my first pang of homesickness.  I’ll be ok, though.  Just need to get into rehearsals then I’ll be too tired to think about anything.

Ok, more to come, I’m sure.  I just thought I’d let everyone know I’m not dead and I’m very very happy.  Seriously going to figure out how i’m going to blog everything is going to take a while so be somewhat patient, as I’m sure you are.