So I’ve been thinking thinking thinking about my next choreographic venture.  I’ve been throwing around concepts in my head for the last few days but nothing has really stuck yet.  My first idea is to use the theme of my ACDF piece from last year, “(Re)place; Place; Dis/place”

My idea here would be to use this 8 minute piece as the third and final act to the evening-lengthed work.  The other two acts would still deal with themes of queer desire but perhaps look at it from different angles, different stories, and different time periods.  I really like this idea because I feel like there is more to be done with my piece.  It’s a KILLER though so I feel like the people who do the other two acts MIGHT not want to be in the 3rd act.  Otherwise, they better get in shape…including myself if I end up doing it…which i’d really rather not.

My other ideas and options revolve around ideas of isolation, death, legacy, and virtual connectivity.  I want to work to add my own theoretical voice to these topics.  I know Sokolow did “Rooms” back in the 50s, but times have changed and with the internet and a world increasingly globalized, vehicles and manifestations of isolation have shifted.  I think it would be a VERY interesting place to go with dancers and spend some time incubating and researching.  Below is a pic of the Limon company doing “Rooms”.  It’s actually Sokolow’s 100th birthday this year so it would be fitting and poignant to revamp such a canonic staple in modern dance.

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My LAST idea is to rework either one or more stories from GLBT literature and give them new significance, and, using metaphors from the story building and evoking new meaning.  My initial ideas for stories are Maurice, The Well of Loneliness, Rubyfruit Jungle, The Price of Salt, and Giovanni’s Room are just a few ideas I have.

I have a long way to go before I figure out what I want to do exactly.  Narrowing down to three things is a good start for me!!

OK time to watch Marley and Me.