i haven’t written in a while and I really should do better.  I’m slightly terrified of an upcoming proposal I’m trying to write.  It’s due VERY soon and it’s for a plenary session which would mean everyone at the conference would be there. Ha.  I would probably die if I had to give it.  Literally curl up on the floor and die when Susan Foster or Michal Kobialka ask me a question about my use of Foucault.  TERRIFYING.

Anyway,  I need very badly to go on a diet and work out.  I’m not so thrilled with my appearance right now.  Plus I need to stay in shape for when I go back to the dance world.  It’s really not enough to take one class a week and expect that to be my exercise routine.  Starting tomorrow I am doing abs and cardio and perhaps even. dun dun dun…some weight training.  Those words are not my friends.  WEIGHT TRAINING.

Ok my other goal is to start going to bookstores and reading lots of philosophy and critical theory.  I started thinking about essentialism today and how terrible I think it is and I started wondering if I could even spot it anymore.  I mean I could in obvious places, but I’m just scared of becoming less and less sharp.  Is there a way to just freeze my brain so when I want to use it in that capacity again, or even a greater one, that I can just access it all?  NOPE.  So I need to keep that exercised too.

I guess the moral of this post is that I’ve been lax, losing form and letting my brain shut down too much (although I always said I wanted that. ha.)  I had planned this really cool post on the polymorphous, dynamic, and multidimensional thing we call “hate”.  I will have to put that on hold until later, perhaps tomorrow.  Anyway, I’ll leave y’all with an interesting video.