i used to think i wanted a clean slate.  a new place to start over.  a place where no one knew me and i could recreate myself and my life and what i wanted to do.  well it’s harder than it seems.  it’s a romantic longing for a new life.  i’ve done it once and it’s taken me almost 10 months to find little bits of what i used to have before i left mpls.  now i might be doing it again?

job hunting is scary enough…but job hunting in a place with zero connections and having no idea who anyone or what sort of place it might be is like closing your eyes, pointing a gun at a crowded room and hoping you don’t kill anyone.  what a horrible simile.  anyway it feels sort of like that.  scary that’s for sure.  i don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks but i’m pretty sure it will involve small panic attacks on my part.

oh well. time to grow up and face life i guess.