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I have to write. I have to write. I have to write.  It’s been too long since I wrote anything with real substance.  I’m not promising anything with this post, but at least I’ll give it a real college (post grad) try.  It’ll be my goal for the rest of the summer to post at LEAST twice a week. Haha, fat chance.

Yesterday I spent a majority of my day at one of the Lake Calhoun beaches.  This is a picture of the skyline you see from the beach.  Pretty, no?  Leave it to Minneapolis to create a small group of lakes right next to it’s downtown.  Lying out in my new Sauvage boy-shorts swimsuit for hours I probably got too much sun.  Consequently, here I am this morning, the color of a ripe tomato.  I don’t usually tan, or burn, or anything.  I just freckle.  I guess yesterday proved me wrong. Thank you Lake Calhoun, thank you.

Today one of my favorite people is heading off for a summer in Europe.  It’s going to be weird without him here.  Since Elizabeth started going to Spain, the people I care about tend to rush off to Europe for the summer.  Maybe something is telling me that I should really travel.  I want to go to Italy, France, Germany, England, Scotland.  I want to see where my ancestors came from, and I want to do it soon; before I get locked into some corporate machine, unable to escape for longer than a week or two at a time.

I have some horribly exciting news.  I cant quite spill it yet, but I might be doing some really amazing things in November.  The more I find things out, the more I will be able to spill.  Let’s just say, for now, international dancing experience?

P.S.  Tattoo, must think of what i want.