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Last night was an extremely dramatic episode of the extremely popular Project Runway, which airs Wednesday nights on Bravo, if you have not already started watching. It’s a reality television series which centers on the designer creating outfits each week. It’s dramatic, larger than life, and full of wonderful personalities.

My favorite contestant to date, is Jack Mackenroth. He hails from Seattle, but was actually born in Minneapolis (yay us!). He is a professional athlete and openly homosexual. He swims in the gay games and is open about his positive HIV status. Jack is also a very talented designer. His work can be found both on his website and on his Myspace. I am a particular fan of his menswear collections. It’s trendy and very practical. I would wear it in an instant.

What is most troublesome about Jack’s departure from this season of Project runway was the fact that he left not due to a poor design, but to a Staph infection in his face. He had to leave the show to get intense treatment for five days, which prompted the producers to bring back Chris, a large, costumey gay man. I was rather upset. Jack was talented. He had won a challenge and was never in danger of being in the bottom. He could’ve and possibly would’ve made it all the way to fashion week. I feel it is in the producers’ best interest to allow Jack back on to the show next season, OR to give him another chance by putting him back in later. They have done it in the past, and they did it with Chris. He is so talented, and I feel he is such a positive role model for HIV positive, gay men and gay men in general.

Cheers to Jack, and poo the producers. Below I will leave you with one of his amazing videos on youtube. Hilarious.